Chief Hudson is an active voice in holding the provincial and federal governments accountable for the sharing of the benefits of our natural resources and minerals and is determined that the Peguis  First Nation decrease its  dependency on federal government contribution agreements and become increasingly self-sufficient.

During his current mandate, Chief Hudson oversaw Peguis First Nation’s response to unprecedented global and environmental challenges including:

The COVID-19 pandemic,

  • Setting up of testing and vaccination sites,


  • Timely evacuation of more than 2,000 residents
  • Planned massive investment in infrastructure and mitigation measures


  • Secured funding for area rebuilding including 32 brand new homes to replace those lost in the flood
  • Meadows includes 2000 housing units and retail development. Chief secured Federal and Provincial Govenrment commitments to contribute to the building of an arena, a day care and to the setting up of a utility company.
  • Hodgson includes 400 housing units and retail stores.
  • Fuller road includes 80 housing units, a Cultural and Elders Home and retail stores including the recent opening of a gas bar and convenience store.

Kapyong Barracks

  • 100 acres w/treaty 1 in Winnipeg
  • $1.5 Billion build out of…
  • 500 to 600 new jobs
  • 300 new construction jobs

Selkirk Developments

  • Housing
  • Senior Centre
  • Pharmacy
  • Clinics
  • Gas Bars

Peguis Developments

  • Taking over Percy E Moore Hospital
  • More mental health services
  • Tommy’s Point Trailer Park Expansion

It has been 107 years since the last developments on these reserve lands.

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